Debian Rescue CD 7.5.0

The official rescue Live CD of the open source Debian GNU/Linux operating system
Debian Rescue CD is an open source Live distribution of Linux that provides users with all the necessary software packages for rescuing a broken operating system or recover accidentally erased data from non-bootable disk drives.

This is the official Debian Live Rescue CD, distributed as part of the Debian Live project and based on the latest version of the Debian GNU/Linux operating system. It is built using the Debian Live Standard flavor, simply by adding a wide range of data recovery and system rescue applications.

This edition is distributed as two hybrid Live CD ISO images, one for each of the supported architectures (32-bit and 64-bit). It can be used as-is directly from a DVD disc or USB stick, or installed on a local disk drive.

The boot prompt is identical with the ones used in other Debian Live flavors, allowing users to run a memory test or view details about the hardware components of a computer.

The Debian Live project offers five different Live CD editions of Debian GNU/Linux. While four of them use standard open source desktop environments, such as GNOME, KDE, Xfce and LXDE, the fifth one is a basic edition that features no X11 window environment and allows for greater customization.

Just like the Standard Live CD, this flavor doesn't come with pre-installed X.Org packages and a desktop environment. Therefore, it includes only command-line applications, such as the Emacs text editor, Midnight Commander two-panel file manager, Mutt email client, Irssi IRC client, and the Minicom modem control and terminal emulation software.

In addition, it includes the NcFTP FTP server, IPTraf network statistics utility, Links, w3m and Lynx web browsers, the GNU debugger (GDB), GNAT Programming Studio, as well as many other small tools.

All in all, Debian Rescue CD is a well built rescue/recovery operating system that can be used to rescue broken OSes (Linux, Windows, BSD, etc.) or recover lost data from disk drives (supports a wide range of file systems). However, the size of the Live CD is quite large for a rescue CD, and our recommendation is to get one of those pocket Live Rescue CDs, such as SystemRescueCD.

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Debian Rescue CD - The shell prompt of the Debian Rescue CD operating system

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Debian Rescue CD is originally built from the Debian Live Standard ISO images and transformed into a system rescue/rec...

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