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A custom distro based on PuppyLinux 2.11.




GioveLUG Educational is a custom distro based on PuppyLinux 2.11. This is my first distro and with my LUG we delivered it to a kids' fun house to let the kids learning computer loving free software.

Basically, this distro is a Puppy 2.11 with other kid's software installed such as:

- TuxType2
- TuxMath
- GCompris
- SuperTux
- TuxPaint

I also installed a couple of dotpup packages such as the following:

- Vnc with GUI (by Rarsa)
- MU Translate Menu (by Mark Ulrich)

GioveLUG educational has also following libraries installed on: (for localization sounds of GCompris. I chose Italian to support my country)

- which I cannot remember the exact location on the web.

Into the directory usr/share/backgrounds you can find some wallpaper for your desktop.

It is very simple to translate menu in italian if you like it, just use MU translation program with the file it.lng you can find onto Localization forum.
Last updated on November 28th, 2006

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