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The original Xbox adaptation of Gentoo, now avaiable as a Linux distribution for home users

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Gentoox Linux is an adaptation of the popular source-based Gentoo Linux operating system designed from the ground up to be deployed on Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console. It is compiled from Stage 1 with full optimizations for the said hardware and distributed through the “Linux on the Microsoft Xbox” project.

Distributed as a tbz2 archive

This Gentoo-based operating system is distributed as a tbz2 archive, which contains all the necessary files to boot and install Gentoox on the Microsoft Xbox console. It comprises of the BIOS (Loader.bin), XBE (Loader.xbe), as well as an ISO image.

Runs alongside Xbox’s native OS

Gentoox runs alongside Xbox’s native operating system. During the boot prompt, you can choose between three different installation methods: E, F and Native. Both F and E will create a loopback file system, which won’t touch the hard disk drive of the Xbox console, except for cache partitions.

Choose the "Native" mode to format the F: partition with the ReiserFS filesystem. Keep in mind though, that this method will render that partition to be inaccessible by applications designed especially for Xbox console.

How to install Gentoox

First of all, you must download the tbz2 archive, which has approximately 900 MB in size, and extract it on your Home directory. The Gentoox operating system can be loaded via the Loader.xbe file located on the XBE folder or from a Cromwell-based BIOS file located on the BIOS folder.

Xbox must be using a modchip

Be aware that the BIOS file can be flashed to your modchip during the installation process. Of course, this means that your Xbox gaming console must be using a modchip for the Gentoox Linux operating system to work.

Transform your Xbox into a regular PC

With this project, anyone can transform an old Xbox gaming console into a regular PC. When using either of the E or F installation methods, you are totally risk free. If you don’t like Gentoox, you can simply uninstall it by deleting all the files that will be automatically installed (about 7 in total).

Gentoox Home was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on September 1st, 2014
Gentoox Home - Gentoox Home running on a Microsoft Xbox gaming console

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