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An open source Linux kernel-based operating system derived from the PCLinuxOS distro

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GKLinuxOS is an open source, free and complete operating system derived from PCLinuxOS and built around the GNOME Classic and KDE3 desktop environments. It includes a set of perfectly working programs and various enhancements.

Distributed in two editions

It is distributed in two editions, one with the GNOME Classic interface and another one with the KDE3 desktop environment. Both editions are available for download as Live DVD ISO images, designed to run on computers supporting either of the 32-bit or 64-bit instruction set architectures.

Includes top-notch office tools

Both the GNOME and KDE flavors of GKLinuxOS include top-notch office tools and multmedia players. The default office suite is OpenOffice, containing OpenOffice Writer (word processor), OpenOffice Impress (presentations), OpenOffice Calc (electronic sheet), OpenOffice Writer/web (web editor) and OpenOffice Drawing (vectorial draw).

In addition, the KOffice suite is also included and comprises of KWord (word processor), Karbon 14 (vectorial drawing), KSpread (electronic sheet), Krita (drawing), KChart (graphics), Kivio (flow chart), KPresenter (presentations), Kugar (report generator), Kexi (database creator) and KFormula (editor of formulas).

Comes pre-loaded with powerful software

Among other pre-installed applications, we can mention the GIMP image editor, DigiKam image viewer and organizer, Inkscape vector graphics editor, XSane image scanner, XChat IRC client, Skype web telephony, aMule web sharing, Mozilla Thunderbird email and news client, Ekiga softphone, Nvu web editor, Mozilla Firefox web navigator, Krusader two-pane file manager, Amarok audio player, MPlayer video player, Audacity sound editor, Rosegarden sound and MIDI editor, TiMidity MIDI player, TuxGuitar MIDI editor, Noteedit MIDI editor, as well as SoundKonverter sound editor.

It is no longer under active development

Unfortunately, this project is no longer under active development. This means that all the pre-installed software packages are old and won’t receive any software updates or security patches. It has been archived for historical references purposes only.

GKLinuxOS was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on September 1st, 2014
GKLinuxOS - The desktop environment of the GKLinuxOS KDE Live operating system

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