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Freezy Linux is a free, easy-to-use Linux-based operating system for the home that can be freely distributed or modified. It is based on Ubuntu 8.04.1 Hardy Heron and GNOME desktop environment. This edition allows the end user to have a greater easiness of use due to the presence of many pre-added software and a lovely desktop layout.

Freezy is distributed as a LiveCD, and can also be installed to a local hard drive. LiveCD mode lets you try it without making any changes to your computer. If you like it, you can install it to your hard drive. Locally installed versions of Freezy utilize the Advanced Packaging Tool (or APT), a package management system (originally from the Debian distribution), together with Synaptic, a GUI frontend to APT.
Last updated on October 30th, 2008
Freezy Linux

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A free, easy-to-use Linux-based operating system.


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