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A Linux distribution based on CentOS and designed to automatically install Nagios

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FAN (Fully Automated Nagios) is a unique project that helps anyone to easily install the powerful and highly acclaimed Nagios monitoring solution on a computer. It’s a distribution of Linux derived from CentOS, which in turn in based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system.

Supports 32-bit and 64-bit hardware platforms

The FAN distribution can be downloaded from its official website or via Softpedia (see download link above) as two installable-only ISO images, one for old computers supporting the 32-bit architecture and another one for modern 64-bit machines.

Includes advanced boot options

The boot menu has been redesigned and it includes advanced boot options, such as the ability to install FAN central, FAN poller and FAN database components. From here, the user will be able to install a standalone version of FAN using either the graphical or text-mode installers.

Graphical or text-mode installation

The graphical installer will require you to choose a language to use during the installation process, as well as to select a keyboard layout from the text-based interface. Then, you will be able to partition the disk and encrypt the system,

What’s in the package

The distribution includes the core Nagios components and plugins, Centreon, a web-based interface for Nagios, the NagVis advanced mapping tool, NDOUtils for storing Nagios data into a MySQL database, as well as NRPE, which makes it possible to monitor Microsoft Windows servers.

The best tool to install Nagios

FAN is by far the best tool to install the Nagios monitoring system, its dependencies, a vast amount of plugins, as well as a couple of other useful tools that helps you interact with Nagios and configure its settings. The distribution is updated regularly and includes the latest versions of the aforementioned software projects. Download it today from Softpedia and you won’t regret it!

FAN was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on September 4th, 2014
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