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A Python-based GNU/Linux distribution optimized for i686 instruction set architectures

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Enlisy is a free, minimal and open source distribution of Linux built around the Python programming language and designed for advanced users who want to program applications in the Python programming language. It is written from scratch, not based on any existing Linux kernel-based operating system.

It is distributed as an installable-only ISO image

This is not a live operating system, which means that it is distributed as an installable-only ISO image. It has approximately 200MB in size and boots on old 32-bit computers or modern 64-bit machines. To create a bootable medium that can be booted from the BIOS of a computer, the user should write the ISO image on a CD disc or a USB flash drive or 512MB or higher capacity.

Minimal boot menu

Everything is minimal about this distribution of Linux, including the boot menu, which allows you start the installation process, drop to a shell prompt in case you want to rescue a broken operating system, as well as to perform a system memory diagnostic test. Each of the aforementioned options can be edited with the F8 key.

Unique installer

The installer of the Enlisy distribution is unique, text based. It will require you to choose a keyboard layout, configure the system clock and select a timezone, configure network interfaces, partition the disk, install software packages, install a bootloader, enter a root password, as well as to set up users and passwords. The entire installation shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes on a Pentium III machine.

Designed with simplicity in mind

As mentioned, Enlisy is a minimalist distribution of Linux designed with simplicity in mind. It doesn’t feature a graphical desktop, but only a command-line environment. Because of this, it provides users only with command-line programs, specifically designed to help them program app in Python.

Enlisy was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on September 1st, 2014
Enlisy - The desktop environment of the Enlisy Live distroEnlisy - The main menu of the Enlisy Live operatng system

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