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An Ubuntu-derived Linux operating system designed to be used in educational environments

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Edubuntu is an open source Linux distribution derived from the world's most popular free operating system, Ubuntu Linux. It provides users with a modern and complex computing environment suitable for classroom/educational use.

Designed for educational instututions

It is actually one of the very first Ubuntu-derived operating systems. It uses the same desktop environment as the main Ubuntu distribution and comes bundled with numerous open source educational software packages. Edubuntu's main targets are educational organizations and institutions, including, but not limited to, schools, universities, and elementary schools. It is designed to help students learn better and faster, in a free environment.

Distributed as 32-bit/64-bit Live DVDs

The distributions comes with Live DVD ISO images that support both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. Edubuntu’s Live DVDs are the biggest from all other Ubuntu flavors (3GB in size). Except for the fact that it uses a custom logo, the functionality of the boot menu is unchanged from the main edition of Ubuntu.

Boot options

From the boot menu you can boot the currently installed OS, test the system memory for errors, install the operating system without testing it, as well as to add predefined kernel parameters (only for advanced users).

Includes a wide range of educational apps

Among the educational application included in this distribution, we can mention Blinken memory enhancement game, Celestia space visualization software, GCompris educational suite, Kanagram anagram creator, KBruch fractions calculator, KGeography geography learning tool, Kig geometric constructions explorer, Klavaro typing tutor, KLetters alphabet learning tool, and KmPlot graphs drawing software.

Default applications

Default applications include the Mozilla Firefox web browser, Mozilla Thunderbird email client, Liferea feed reader, Transmission torrent downloader, GIMP image editor, Shotwell photo manager, Calibre ebook library management app, Gramps genealogy system, as well as the entire LibreOffice office suite.

Bottom line

All educational institutions should dump the buggy and ugly Microsoft Windows operating system and use this modern, powerful, complex, beautiful, open source, freely distributable Linux operating system.

Edubuntu was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on August 6th, 2015
Edubuntu - The default desktop environment of the Edubuntu Linux operating system

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