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An Ubuntu operating system modified for educational use in schools and universities

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Welcome to the Precise Pangolin edition of Edubuntu, a customized version of the Ubuntu Linux operating system suitable for educational use. It is built around the Unity desktop environment and includes a vast selection of open source educational programs and games.

Availability, boot options and supported architectures

This is the third LTS (Long Term Support) release of Edubuntu, officially released by Canonical on April 26, 2012 along with many other Ubuntu flavors. Since then, it received four maintenance releases and it is still supported with security patches and software updates until April 2017.

The distribution can be downloaded from Softpedia as two Live DVD ISO images of approximately 3GB in size each, deployable only on DVD discs or USB flash drives of 4GB or higher capacity. Both 64-bit (amd64) and 32-bit (i386) architectures are supported at this time.

The user can try the operating system without installing anything on the computer, run a memory diagnostic test, boot an installed OS from the first disk drive, or install the distribution without testing it (not recommended) from the bootloader of the bootable mediums.

Beautiful and productive desktop environment with tons of educational apps

Being powered by the eye-candy Unity user interface, this Edubuntu release provides users with a productive, yet modern, clean and beautiful desktop environment comprised of a top panel for interacting with running apps, as well as a dock (application launcher) on the left side of the screen.

Among the pre-installed educational programs, we can mention Blinken, Celestia, Dia, GCompris, Gobby, Epoptes, Inkscape, LibreCAD, KTurtle, KTouch, KWordQuiz, Lybniz, Laby, Parley, Pencil, Step, Stellarium, Tux Math, Tux Paint, Tux Typing, and XaoS.

Bottom line

Summing up, Edubuntu 12.04 LTS is a great educational oriented operating system that is still used on thousands of computers worldwide and supported by Canonical with application updated until Spring 2017.

Edubuntu was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on August 8th, 2014
Edubuntu - The default desktop environment of the Edubuntu 12.04.4 LTS distribution

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