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An add-on CD for the standard Ubuntu desktop release that adds an educational layer

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This is the third time when Canonical releases its popular Edubuntu project as an add-on for the Desktop edition of the Ubuntu Linux operating system. It is designed from the ground up to turn a standard Ubuntu installation into an educational OS suitable for classroom use.

Availability, supported architectures, installation instructions

This Edubuntu release is dubbed Jaunty Jackalope and was released by Canonical on April 23, 2009 along with the Desktop and Server editions of the Ubuntu OS. It was supported with security patches and updates until October 23, 2010.

It can be downloaded only as two Add-On CD ISO images, one for each of the supported Ubuntu Desktop editions, 64-bit (amd64) and 32-bit (i386). The ISOs can be easily burned onto blank CD discs and used on top of an existing Ubuntu Desktop installation.

Once inserted in the CD-ROM device, the Add-On CDs will be recognized by the Ubuntu operating system and will prompt users to install the Edubuntu Desktop metapackage, which will add an extra layer of educational applications, as well as specific Edubuntu artwork.

The user will have to reboot the machine in order for the Edubuntu desktop to be activated. The Ubuntu artwork will be completely replaced with the Edubuntu one, and an Educational category will appear in the main menu.

A multitude on educational apps on top of a GNOME desktop environment

There are many useful and powerful educational oriented apps in the Edubuntu project, among which we can mention the GCompris educational software suite, Kanagram, KTouch, Tux Paint, Parley, Step, KTurtle, KHangMan, Kig, KWordQuiz, Marble, KBruch, Kalzium, KAlgebra, KmPlot, and KStars.

Besides the aforementioned educational programs, it will also install the Scribus document publishing system, XaoS fractal zoomer, Inkscape vector graphics editor, GNU Paint digital paining tool, Dia diagram creator, and QCaD professional CAD (Computer-aided design) system.

Bottom line

All in all, we still think that Canonical should stop releasing the Edubuntu project only as an add-on to the Desktop edition of Ubuntu, because users will have to work twice as much to obtain a clean and perfect educational setup.

Edubuntu was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on May 15th, 2014
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