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An educational edition of the Ubuntu operating system suitable for classroom use

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Welcome to the Edgy Elf edition of Edubuntu, a free and open source distribution of Linux that was supported by Canonical from October 26, 2006 until April 26, 2008. It is based on the Desktop release of the Ubuntu Linux operating system and oriented towards educational environments.

Availability, supported architectures, boot options

When compared with the Breezy Badger edition, we can immediately notice that Live CDs are now provided to users, in order for them to try the operating system before installing it, supporting both 64-bit and 32-bit architectures, as well as the PPC (PowerPC) hardware platform.

In addition to the Live CDs, standard Install CDs are also provided. They are designed from the ground up to help users install the Edubuntu distribution on desktop computers or laptops using a text-mode installer.

The boot loader has been greatly improved, allowing users to start or install the OS, boot the live environment in safe graphics mode, test the computer's RAM, start an existing operating system from the first disk drive, as well as to check the disc for defects (only if using a CD media).

Beautiful, traditional desktop environment full of apps for classroom use

The beautiful and traditional graphical session used in Edubuntu 6.10 is powered by GNOME 2, a classic desktop environment that uses a two-panel layout. While the top panel hosts the main menu and allows the user to launch installed apps, the bottom one is mainly used for interacting with opened programs.

Among the pre-installed educational programs, we can mention Kalzium, Kanagram, KBruch, KEduca, KEduca-Editor, KHangMan, Kig, KmPlot, KPercentage, KStars, KTouch, KTurtle, KVerbos, KVocTrain, and Tux Paint.

Default applications include the Evolution email and calendar client, Mozilla Firefox web browser, Dia diagram editor, GIMP image editor, GNU Paint digital painting tool, Scribus document publishing software, Ekiga softphone, Gaim instant messenger, and office suite.

Bottom line

Overall, we can report that Edubuntu 6.10, dubbed Edgy Elf, is a stable and reliable operating system that can be installed on a wide range of computers, and integrates a great collection of educational applications for classroom use.

Edubuntu was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on May 15th, 2014
Edubuntu - The default desktop environment of the Edubuntu 6.10 operating system

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