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An alternative solution for hotspot billing system





EasyHotspot is an alternative solution for hotspot billing system. It contains some particular open source software bundled into a single package. Our aim is to deliver a system which is simple, easy to install, use and modify.

How to use:

- Simply install to your internet server like the way you installed Ubuntu based distro.
- Connect your server to the internet via eth0
- Connect your clients through eth1
- You can manage your hotspot via web browser, and point your URL to http://localhost
- Clients will automaticaly redirect to your login page

EasyHotspot comes with completely hotspot system, includes:

- LAMP - FreeRadius
- ChilliSpot
- Easyhotspot manager

You can login with two different user type:

1. Administrator : username : admin password : admin123
2. Cashier : username : vcool password : vcool123 Each user has different previliges, you can add multiple cashier if you login as administrator.


We recomended you to CHANGE all default passwords including:

- Administrator password
- Cashier password
- MySQL root (default: root) and easyhotspot (default : easyhotspot) user password
- Remove phpMyAdmin if you think you dont need it anymore
- create your own custom .htaccess on your /var/www directory

Last but not least, please support this project if you like by give us your idea or your code fix or anything that would help this projects.
Last updated on February 28th, 2010

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