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An Ubuntu-based Linux distribution optimized for the computers with small screens

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EasyPeasy (formerly Ubuntu Eee) is an open-source and completely free operating system derived from the Ubuntu Netbook Remix distribution and designed to be installed on computers with small screens, such as netbooks. It was initially optimized for Asus Eee PC.

It’s distributed as a dual-arch Live DVD

EasyPeasy can be downloaded via Softpedia or directly from its official website (see link above) as a Live DVD ISO image of approximately 900MB in size, optimized for both 32-bit (i386) and 64-bit (x86_64) netbook computers.

It’s a hybrid ISO image that can be burn onto a DVD disc, using any CD/DVD burning software, or written on a USB thumb drive of 1GB or higher capacity.

The boot menu is minimal, allowing users to quickly start the live system

When booting the Live DVD image from the BIOS of a PC, using either a DVD media or a USB device, you will encounter a black screen for a few seconds, until the live system will boot. The boot menu can be revealed by pressing any key on your keyboard immediately after seeing the black screen.

However, it is quite minimal and allows you to start the live system with default boot options, check the bootable medium for defects (only if using a DVD media), change the default language and keyboard layout, select accessibility options or different boot modes, and add extra kernel parameters.

The graphical session looks amazing on a small screen

While the graphical interface has been slightly customized from the one available on the Ubuntu Netbook Remix operating system, it still looks amazing on a small screen.

There are numerous applications pre-installed on the Live DVD

Among the pre-installed applications, we can mention the Mozilla Firefox web browser, Empathy IM client, Cheese webcam viewer, Evolution email and calendar client, OpenOffice.org office suite, Banshee music player, Totem video player, Skype VoIP client and Transmission torrent downloader.

EasyPeasy was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on July 17th, 2014
EasyPeasy - The desktop environment of the EasyPeasy 1.6 Linux operating system

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