ESyS-Particle Live DVD 8.04

Ubuntu-based Live DVD Linux distribution
ESyS-Particle is a software package for particle-based numerical modelling. It implements the Discrete Element Method (DEM), a widely used technique for modelling processes involving large deformations, granular flow and/or fragmentation.

ESyS-Particle is designed for execution on parallel supercomputers, clusters or multi-core PCs running a Linux-based OS. The C++ simulation engine implements spatial domain decomposition via the Message Passing Interface (MPI). A Python wrapper API provides flexibility in the design of numerical models, specification of modelling parameters and contact logic, and analysis of simulation data.

ESyS-Particle has been utilised to simulate earthquake nucleation, comminution in shear cells, silo flow, rock fragmentation, and fault gouge evolution, to name but a few applications.

Main features:

  • MPI parallel simulation engine
  • Python API for simulation setup and execution
  • scriptable setup of model geometry
  • non-rotational and rotational spherical particles
  • triangular meshes for specifying boundary conditions and walls
  • scriptable visualisation of particle assemblies utilising POVray and VTK
  • a variety of particle-particle and particle-wall interaction laws
  • linear elastic repulsion between unbonded contacting particles
  • linear elastic bonds between bonded particle-pairs
  • both non-rotational and rotational frictional interactions between unbonded particles
  • rotational bonds implementing torsion and bending stiffnesses in addition to normal and shear stiffnesses
  • heat transfer via conduction between contacting particles

last updated on:
December 1st, 2008, 9:07 GMT
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Open Software License 
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ROOT \ Linux Distributions
ESyS-Particle Live DVD
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