DistccPPCKnoppix 0.0.9

DistccPPCKnoppix is a Knoppix distribution that contains distcc servers for both Linux x86 and OSX ppc compiling.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Ben Meyer
ROOT \ Linux Distributions
DistccPPCKnoppix is a Knoppix distribution which contains distcc servers for both Linux x86 and OSX ppc compiling. With it you can utilize your extra x86 computers to build Linux x86 and OSX PPC binaries.

After running across "Building a Darwin cross compiler for use with distcc and fink" and "HOWTO: Use Gentoo Distcc Host to cross-compile for OSX" I quickly set out and build my own cross compiler to speed up my Apple OSX development. Like most people I have more x86 hardware then I do ppc. It didn't take long to get it build and a test distccd server up to show that it was working.

When I compile for Linux x86 I use distccKnoppix to utilize all my spare x86 computers I have lying around. Using the Knoppix Remastering Howto I quickly added the ppc cross compiler to distccKnoppix. Now when it boots two distccd demon's start on separate ports. The default port (3632) has the x86 compiler and the ppc compiler is on port 3633.

Now Apple developers finally have a use for their x86 hardware (that they can admit to). This is also a nice cheap way to speed up OSX compiling and development.

Last updated on April 24th, 2006

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