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An Open Source Linux operating system that can be used as server, router or firewall

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Devil-Linux is an open source and independent distribution of Linux designed from the ground up to be used as a firewall or router. It is small, secure and fully customizable Linux-based operating system that runs only in text mode.

Distributed as a TAR archive for 32-bit platforms

The project was originally intended to act only as a dedicated firewall or router system, but today it can also be used as a Linux server. It's distributed as a TAR archive tagged with the i686 architecture and deployable onto a USB flash drive or written to a CD disc.

The distribution will work on an a machine that sports an Intel 486 compatible or higher CPU, at least 32MB of RAM, as well as a CD-ROM drive, USB storage device or floppy disk drive.

Boot options

When booting the operating system from the bootable medium, it will present users with a minimal boot prompt from where they can choose to start the distribution with a pre-defined screen resolution or run a memory diagnostic test.

It will search for configuration media. If one is not found, it will ask you if you still want the load the distribution or not, so just answer yes at this point. At the login prompt, use the root username without a password.

Installing Devil-Linux

To install the distribution, just type the setup command and hit Enter. Meet the Devil-Linux System Configurator tool that will allow you to edit basic configuration values, select which services are started on boot, set up network cards and firewalling.

In addition, you can configure a basic DHCP server on your internal network, change root's login password, configure various other services, as well as to save the configuration.

Bottom line

In conclusion, Devil-Linux is not a scary distribution of Linux. It can be used by anyone who wants a firewall/router operating system that offers high security with safe and easy upgrades. It is completely configurable, with no writable system device.

Devil-Linux was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on August 25th, 2015
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