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A Linux distribution designed to be used by developers and programmers alike, based on the Fedora Linux operating system

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Devel Live CD is a minimalistic Linux operating system based on the 4MLinux and Fedora Linux distributions. Thanks to the included Fedora toolchain, developers who want to compile Linux kernels, or any other software, should use Devel Live CD with confidence. The Live CD is fully-compatible with UNetbootin, and it can help operating system developers to easily build fully-customized Linux distributions.

Live CD boot options

Two options are available when the user boots the Live CD, one that uses normal display settings, and a second one that provides VESA Framebuffer instructions for those who experience issues with the first option. The system will ask you to type in a password for the root account, which will be used to login into the actual session. Users will be dropped to a shell prompt. From here, you need to type the “startx” command in order to start the desktop environment a.k.a. the X11 session.

Simple, basic graphical desktop environment

The desktop environment includes a taskbar, a dock, a desktop widget powered by Conky, and a shortcut to the Home folder. X File Explorer is the default file manager, X File Write the default text editor, and QupZilla the default web browser. If you want to use Devel Live CD for building Linux operating systems, then you should know that it only creates Fedora, Debian or Slackware based distributions.

Contains popular open-source applications

The main menu provides links to various other popular applications, such as Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, WinSCP, and others, which can be installed with a single mouse click. In case you want to run some Windows apps, the powerful Wine software is installed by default, along with the Internet Explorer, Wordpad, Task Manager and Registry Editor applications.

Bottom line

All in all, Devel Live CD is very simple, yet powerful enough to be used as a daily operating system. It support the 32-bit/x86 architectures, with and without SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing). The latest version is always based on the latest 4MLinux and Fedora releases.

Devel Live CD was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on October 23rd, 2014
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