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DemoLinux is a distribution designed to reside entirely on a bootable CD.




The DemoLinux CD allow to use Linux without installation, disk partitioning or any other complex manipulation that still prevent many people from giving Linux a try. This CD does not install Linux on your hard disk, but it allows you to play with it at lenght before you eventually decide to proceed with a full fledged installation.

This is made possible by a set of technical features in the Linux kernel and by some other free software (notably from S.u.S.E. and RedHat) that we use here.

Our goal is to allow everybody to make by himself an idea of what Linux can offer, and also to provide software publishers with a means to give out easy to use, no-hassle demos of their Linux products.

This CD is also a wonderful means of using Linux everywhere: you can take your favorite configuration with you in a CD that fits in your pocket, sit down in front of most PCs running another OS, boot from the CD and find yourself in front of your preferred environment in minutes.
Last updated on April 6th, 2005

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