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Deep-Water Linux is a 'half' minimalist software distribution using the linux kernel.




Deep-Water Linux is a 'half' minimalist software distribution using the linux kernel released under the terms of the gnu gpl license v2.

Originaly i designed it for myself to make my work a bit easyer - it was a few years ago when there were not so many live distributions that fit my needs - i needed something more than "minimal" but not something that would need more than 2-3 minutes to load requireing hardware, that i couldn't afford.

So i designed a small system for myself that i could use whenever i broke my "harddisk" distro so much, that it was impossible to repair the system from inside of it. I started using the system as a sort of a rescue system and i installed it on my computer as a sort of a neighbour to other systems that i have used.

Then i thought other people might find it interesting, if not as a whole, than atleast a part of it, or maybe they might like to use it for some "rescue job". I was messing arround with xlib and tcl/tk, so i added some programs to ease a users life - like a panel, icons, file-manager. You see, i thought it is stupid to just copy someones work and then re-distribute it in my name - i hate the kind of distros where the "developers" just change the background of some well known distro and then give it a new name.

In my distro you won't find so many tools, it evean might not work good, it evean can make you angry "make you laugh, or cry", but atleast i can say, that many things in this system is my work - i programmed deep-panel/ deep-view/ deep-icons/ made a new hackedbox"a hack of blackbox"/designed the startup and many other things.

There are 2 version-types of the distro - the first copying the whole system in the memmory and the second copying only a part of itself - the first is for people with older hardware with little memmory and the second for boxes with memmory atleast 128MB. I know that there are many systems out there that are better and i'm not saying that it's good to use this distro on an everyday basis, but if you find some inspiration in it, or if you use it as a rescue system, or want to use deep-view to browse/edit some files or to display image galleries and your "real" system is broke, if you find any use of it than i'm happy enough.
Last updated on August 12th, 2005

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