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The Diskless Remote Boot in Linux operating system for interacting with local hardware components

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DRBL (Diskless Remote Boot in Linux) Live Xfce is an open source distribution of Linux that provides users with a free solution for deploying Linux OSes across multiple hardware platforms. It uses the Clonezilla software for cloning disk drives.

Distributed as 32-bit and 64-bit Live CDs for PAE and non-PAE systems

It is distributed as three Live CD ISO-hybrid images, one for the 32-bit (i486) architecture, one for the 32-bit (i686 PAE) hardware platform, and another one for the 64-bit (amd64) instruction set architecture.

Boot options

You can use the boot medium to start a locally installed operating system (if available), run a memory test using Memtest86+, boot over the network using iPXE, run the FreeDOS DOS-compatible operating system, and start the live environment with default settings.

In addition, you can also start the live session with safe graphics settings, in failsafe mode, with default settings using KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine), as well as to copy it entirely in RAM (requires at least 512MB).

When booting the live environment, you can choose a default language for the system, a keyboard layout, and a preferred mode (0 for starting the graphical session, 1 for configuring the video card manually, and 2 for configuring the graphics card from the command-line.

Features the Xfce desktop environment and includes standard apps

The live session is powered by the lightweight Xfce desktop environment, which comprises a top panel for switching between virtual desktops, accessing the main menu, and interact with running apps and the system tray area, as well as dock (application launcher) located on the bottom edge of the screen.

Default applications include the Iceweasel web browser, Wicd network manager, Xfburn CD/DVD burning software, GParted disk partitioning utility, Midnight Commander two-panel file manager, Thunar file manager, Leafpad text editor, Xarchiver archive manager, as well as ISO Master and Bulk Rename utilities.

Bottom line

Overall, this tiny Linux-based operating system provides users with a systemless and diskless computing environment that uses distributed hardware resources for installing Linux on multiple machine simultaneously.

DRBL Live Xfce was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on September 24th, 2015
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