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A custom version of the Lubuntu Linux distribution, using the LXDE desktop environment

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DBLab LX is an open source and freely distributed Linux project based on the well known Lubuntu operating system and using LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) as its default and only graphical desktop environment.

Distributed as 4GB Live DVDs for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms

This DBLab flavor is distributed as two Live DVD ISO images of approximately 4GB in size each, designed for the 64-bit (amd64) and 32-bit (i386) hardware platforms. You must write them to USB flash drives or DVD discs in order to boot them from the BIOS of a PC.

Boot options

All of the DBLab editions use the same standard boot menu found on a wide range of Ubuntu-based operating systems, designed to allow you to start the live environment with default options or in safe graphics mode, start the installer directly, as well as to boot an existing OS from the first disk or run a memory diagnostic test.

Lightweight desktop environment powered by LXDE

As mentioned, the distribution features the lightweight LXDE desktop environment, which comprises of two panels, a visible one at the bottom of the screen and a hidden one on the left side of the screen, for launching applications or interact with running programs.

Applications, lots of applications

As expected, the distribution includes a wide range of applications, from 3D graphics editors and photography tools to ISO handlers, multimedia programs, Internet tools, games and administration programs. Among some of the most important ones, we can mention Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, GIMP, Skype, Audacious, Banshee, Kazam, RawTherapee, Darktable, Fotoxx, LibreOffice, AbiWord, Calibre and FileZilla.

Bottom line

Summing up, DBLab LX is a great Linux distribution for Lubuntu or LXDE fans who are looking for a comprehensive operating system that offers them all the necessary applications for managing their everyday tasks without hassle, even though some folks will classify it as bloatware.

DBLab LX was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on July 11th, 2014
DBLab LX - The desktop enviornment of the DBLab LX Linux operating system

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