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An Open Source Fedora-based gaming Linux operating system for 64-bit architectures

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Chapeau is an open source distribution of Linux based on the widely used Fedora Linux operating system and built around the modern GNOME desktop environment. It is tailored for multimedia enthusiasts and gamers or all ages.

Distributed as a 64-bit Live DVD

While the distribution can be downloaded from Softpedia of its official website as a Live DVD ISO image approximately 2GB in size, which must be written on a DVD disc or a USB flash drive of 2GB or higher capacity in order to boot it from the BIOS of a computer.

Boot menu à la Fedora Linux

The minimal boot prompt presented in this Live DVD is identical with the one used in the official Fedora editions, allowing the user to quickly start the live environment without to much fuss. To access more boot options, one would have to enter the Troubleshooting entry, from where they can start the live environment in safe graphics mode, boot an existing OS from the first disk or run a memory test.

Modern desktop environment powered by GNOME

As mentioned, the default and only desktop environment of this special Fedora remix is powered by the modern GNOME graphical desktop interface. It will prompt users to try or install the operating system from the get-to.

Default applications

Default applications include the Evolution email and calendar client, Mozilla Firefox web browser, Shotwell image viewer and organizer, LibreOffice office suite, ClamTk virus scanner, Darktable lighttable and darkroom software, GIMP image viewer, Empathy instant messenger, and Transmission torrent downloader.

For multimedia users, Chapeau includes lots of multimedia codecs, the VLC Media Player, GNOME Music, Rhythmbox, DVD playback support, MPRIS media player integration, and more. For gamers, Chapeau includes Steam client for Linux, PlayOnLinux and Wine.

Bottom line

Summing up, Chapeau is a pretty great Fedora remix that includes a wide range of open source applications, especially for multimedia and gaming activities.

Chapeau was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on July 16th, 2015
Chapeau - Showcasing the GNOME Music and the system menu under Chapeau LinuxChapeau - The GNOME Shell overview mode of the Chapeau Linux distroChapeau - Chapeau Linux with the dconf editor and the GNOME Tweak Tool appsChapeau - screenshot #4Chapeau - screenshot #5Chapeau - screenshot #6

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