Caos Linux 1.0

High Performance, Effecient, Community Linux
Caos Linux is a light-weight, fast, efficient, secure and stable Linux distribution.

An innovative design focusing on efficiency and performance, CAOS starts with a lean core and extends to a robust and streamlined, powerful operating system. Our industry experienced developers were inspired by the need to create an operating system combining efficiency with serious power that maintained the constant ability to recreate itself.

This focus on high performance and scalability in our build model translates all the way down to our system management and user interface, making CAOS not only the distribution of choice for clusters, servers, and appliances, but also a solid choice for graphical desktop workstations and the latest laptops. CAOS Linux is based on the best aspects of GNU/Linux, designed to run out of the box on all x86_64 and i386 based hardware.

Main features:

  • System:
  • The Linux 2.6 kernel (initial release with
  • The Gnu Compilers (GCC) version 3.4.3
  • X implementation: version 6.8.2
  • Scripting languages: Perl-5.8.5 and Python-2.3.3
  • Utilizes the UDEV device file system
  • The RPM Package Manager version 4.4
  • YUM package updater and installer
  • File systems: ext2, ext3, xfs, reiser and jfs at install
  • Architectures: ia32 (i386-athlon), x86_64 (AMD64 and EM64T)
  • Operating System is always self hosting
  • Desktop:
  • Window managers: Gnome, XFCE, Enlightenment
  • Desktop apps: Mozilla, Epiphany, Firefox, Abiword, Evolution, Bluefish, Gimp
  • Multimedia: Rhythmbox, Xmms, Totem, Vanity, Gnomemeeting
  • Services:
  • File servers: Apache, Apache2, thttpd, tux, VSFTPD, PROFTPD, Samba
  • Mail servers: postfix, sendmail, imapd, dovecot, mailman
  • SQL server: MySQL-4, PostgreSQL
  • Clustering:
  • Node Management: Warewulf
  • Tools: LAM-MPI, pdsh, Torque, PVFS2, Ganglia
  • Maintenance:
  • 3-5 year life cycle (from release)
  • Maintainers range from many backgrounds, and are dedicated to supporting the OS
  • Packages are maintained in CVS, with many developers having access to specific trees
  • Look and Feel:
  • File hierarchy similar to RHL
  • Much more.....

last updated on:
May 13th, 2005, 15:02 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
ROOT \ Linux Distributions
Caos Linux
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