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CDriveBack project is a backup system.

CDriveBack's design goal is to make a backup system so easy to use that the end users with no backup, eighty percent of XP Home users and thirty percent of home XP Professional users, take backups and can easily restore their system.

For example, backing up the C: drive to an area on the C: drive takes two steps:

- Boot the CDriveBack CD, when the first screen shows,
- Hit enter to backup the C: drive.

CDriveBack is:

A Live CD, one that you can boot, requiring no installs, using,
Linux 2.6.x, a recent version of the Linux operationg system, to run
Dialog screens that manage backup files on your drives and
Use DAR to backup the partition or drive to files, in turn using, when needed,
Backing up older Windows drives as well as Linux formatted drives is built-in
NTFS-3G, the NTFS Drive handling package. is used for NTFS drives.

What's New in This Release:

Bug fixes, all repaired:
A full restore from a backup area with no differential backup files still asked for diff files with an akward message.
Documentation dates and releases out of date.
Startup session screen still referred to the release candidate.

An optional "Force" setting for mounting NTFS disks from a Windows that is using chkdsk to always call the partition "dirty"
Last updated on February 12th, 2007

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CDriveBack project is a backup system.


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