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BrlSpeak is a Braille and Speech Mini-Distribution of GNU/Linux




A mini-distribution for the blind. Has options for installation of drivers for braille devices or for speech synthesis support.

Too many blind computer users believe that only M$ OSes are accessible for them with braille or speech: this is not the case! There are alternatives, and one of them is GNU/Linux.

If you are looking for a free, powerful, blindfriendly, stable, open source, network-enabled, multi tasking, multi user and commandline-minded OS, then you must absolutely learn more about the GNU/Linux system

Here are some key features of "BrlSpeak":

· Installable on a FAT partition without having to repartition the hard disk
· No longer UMSDOS as by the past but in a loopback
· No longer Slack-based but Debian-based
· Available in 3 versions: basic (mini), braille and vocal (= braille + some speech applications)


· Speech support during installation
· A full functional speech support
· Conversion to real EXT partition

Currently supported braille-display types are:

· al ALva
· bl BrailleLite
· bn BrailleNote
· cb CombiBraille
· ec ECobraille
· eu EUrobraille
· ht HandyTech
· lt LogText
· b MultiBraille
· md MDv
· mn MiNibraille
· pm PapenMeier
· ts TSi
· va #VArio
· vd ViDeobraille
· vh Vario-Ht
· vs ViSiobraille
Last updated on April 6th, 2005

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