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An Ubuntu-based Live Linux operating system built around the Boot-Repair utility

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Boot-Repair-Disk is an open source distribution of Linux based on the world’s most popular free operating system, Ubuntu, and designed for repairing and restoring broken bootloaders of operating systems that won’t boot anymore.

Available for download as 32-bit/64-bit Live CDs

This special Ubuntu remix can be easily downloaded from Softpedia (see link above) as Live CD ISO images, designed for old and modern computers. Supported architectures include 32-bit (i386) and 64-bit (x86_64).

Boot options

A stripped down boot screen is used on both Live CDs, allowing the user to only start the live environment with default drivers or in safe graphics mode (failsafe), for the architecture supported by the bootable medium.

An operating system built around the Boot-Repair utility

When booting the OS from the BIOS of a computer, using either a CD disc or a USB flash drive, you will be prompted by the Boot-Repair utility, which allows you to quickly repair an unbootable OS.

Because the main emphasis is on repairing broken operating system by fixing the bootloader, the distro includes only a few software packages, such as the Leafpad text editor, PCManFM file manager and Epiphany web browser.

In addition, the GParted partition editor, OS-Unistaller operating system uninstaller, Synaptic Package Manager, as well as UXTerm and XTerm terminal emulators are also included.

Bottom line

Summing up, Boot-Repair-Disk is a very handy Linux distribution for those times when you need an easy-to-use tool to fix the bootloader of an unbootable operating system, no matter if it’s Linux or Windows.

However, please note that you must write the ISO images to either CD discs or USB thumb drivers in order to boot them from the BIOS of a computer and repair broken OSes.

Boot-Repair-Disk was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on June 30th, 2014
Boot-Repair-Disk - The Boot-Repair utility running on the Boot-Repair-Disk Linux operating system

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