BinToo Gnu/Linux

2007.3 GPL (GNU General Public License)    
3.7/5 3
BinToo Gnu/Linux is a prebuilt Gentoo Linux Distro.




BinToo Gnu/Linux is a fast way to BINary genTOO.

BinToo till now is a prebuilt Gentoo Linux Distro with many applications installed to overcome for networkless users.

This is the first release of BinToo it contains many apps and packages ready to run , it contains about 1650+ package.

NOTE: This release requires a 9 GB free drive to install, you should be sure to have that space avaliable or the installation won't success.


|-- app-accessibility
| |-- dasher-3.2.18
| |-- festival-1.4.3-r3
| |-- gnome-mag-0.12.1
| |-- gnome-speech-0.3.8
| |-- gnopernicus-0.12.0
| |-- gok-1.0.5
| `-- speech-tools-1.2.3-r2
|-- app-admin
| |-- config_confd-0.0.2

What's New in This Release:

· Reduced system size and packages dependencies by reducing the USE flags, but with the same functionality.
· Fast Boot Method using the New InitNG system reduced the system boot time to less than the half .
· Fixed some bugs with KDE CD-ROM mount .
· Full NTFS support with the ntfs-3g driver.
· Updated KDE,Gnome,Kernel to the latest stable releases.
· fixed the ATI and nVidia problem and now the Graphical desktop will start normally with Free Drivers, but you'll need the non-free drivers if you want to run heavy 3D software/Games.
· You'll be able to install Binary packages included with the previous release if you need them, but this is not recommended now.
Last updated on May 30th, 2007

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