Bedrock Linux

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A rock-solid Linux kernel-based distribution that includes cutting-edge packages

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Bedrock Linux is a different kind of Linux kernel-based operating system, created to offer a distribution of Linux that borrows elements from various other well-known open source OSes.

It provides users with a rock-solid stable base

It is an independent, DIY and completely free Linux distro that provides users with a rock-solid stable base, derived from an open source operating system of your choice (Debian, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, etc.).

Then you can add as many packages as you want, from distributions like Arch Linux, implement automatic package compilation via Gentoo’s portage system, as well as to install applications that made Ubuntu so popular.

The universal Linux operating system

Bedrock Linux can be easily described as the universal operating system, as it makes it possible to install applications from different sources in the same container. For example, you will be able to install a package from Ubuntu’s software repositories and an utility from AUR (Arch Linux User Repository) on top of a display server from Fedora.

However, these are no more than simple examples, as the Bedrock Linux operating system will allow its users to mix things up as they see fit. There are no limits on how you can combine the elements from all known Linux distributions.

Includes exclusive functionality

In addition to the ability of ensuring that packages from different distributions of Linux can coexist in the same container, the operating system reviewed here includes exclusive functionality.

For example, you will be able to do distribution upgrades, while ensuring that things will never break thanks to its built-in rollback functionality, and the freedom to replace non-working package with another one, from a different distribution.

The downside of things

Bedrock Linux takes a long time to install, and it is not distributed as a Live, or at least an installable-only ISO image. Detailed installation instructions are provided by its developers on the project's homepage (see link above).

Bedrock Linux was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on July 4th, 2014
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