Bauer-Puntu Linux

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An open-source and free Linux operating system based on the Ubuntu Linux distribution

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Bauer-Puntu Linux is an open source and free operating system based on the Xfce edition of the world’s most popular distribution of Linux, Xubuntu, and designed from the ground up to be used for protecting your anonymity online.

Available for download as a dual-arch Live DVD

The distribution is available for download as a dual-arch Live DVD ISO image that need to be written on a DVD disc or a USB flash drive of 2GB or higher capacity in order to be booted from the BIOS of a computer.

Boot options

Default boot options include the ability to try the operating system without installing anything on your computer, start the installer directly, boot an existing OS from the first disk drive, as well as to run a memory test.

Hackerish graphical desktop environment powered by Xfce

As mentioned, the operating system is based on Xubuntu, which means that it features the Xfce desktop environment. It has a hackerish design and comprises of a single panel located on the bottom edge of the screen.

Includes a plethora of security, anonymity or system administration related apps

The good news is that the Bauer-Puntu Linux distribution includes a plethora of security, anonymity and system administration related apps, among which we can mention the CHNTPW Windows password cracker, ClamTK anti-virus, Wireshark network scanner, as well as LOIC Windows-based DoS tool.

In addition, the Aircrack NG Wireless cracking tool, Tor Browser Bundle secure & anonymous web browser, Fern Wifi Cracker Wireless cracker, Truecrack Truecrypt volume brute force tool, Nmap network scanner, Keepass encrypted password vault, and WPScan Wordpress vulnerability scanner are also included.

Bottom line

With Bauer-Puntu Linux, you can change system administrator passwords in Windows, do offline maintenance on computers that are protected with the deprecated Truecrypt full disk encryption, or clean an infected Windows XP system using the ClamTK anti-virus.

Bauer-Puntu Linux was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on June 20th, 2014
Bauer-Puntu Linux - The boot splash screen of the Bauer-Puntu Linux operating systemBauer-Puntu Linux - The default desktop environmetn of the Bauer-Puntu Linux distributionBauer-Puntu Linux - The Bauer-Puntu Linux distribution uses the Tor anonymous network

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