Artica For Zarafa Appliance 1.6.020121

A full web based management console
Artica is an open-source Linux operating system project providing several CD images designed to simplify the management of messaging, proxy, VPN, file and web servers.

Artica For Zarafa is a dedicated system that handle Zarafa mail server.

Zarafa provides open source email and calendar groupware software.

Zarafa is the nr 1 MS Exchange replacement with outlook and mobile compatibility.

How to create a mail server?

Using Postfix And extend it with mail Security quickly and easily

In several cases, Linux products are :stable, powerfull,have better performances, free of charge... more and more...

But installing, managing and maintaining these products require some Linux knowledge...

People who start Linux do not have necessarily time and knowledge to quickly provide a complete SMTP/IMAP server for their company.

Artica For Postfix is a free product designed to reduce the cost in order to create and manage a full linux mail server. The free existing Web consoles for Postfix in particular do not provide all the available features in a "sexy way.
Artica For Postfix is designed to answer for free.

You are not a Linux expert, Artica for Postfix allows you to install a full solution by one single command-line:

- Postfix: Main MTA
- Kaspersky Anti-spam: powerfull Anti-spam provided by Kaspersky Inc
- Kaspersky Anti-Virus
- Bogofilter: Bayesian anti-spam
- SPFMilter: SPF Checking application
- Milter-greylist: Powerfull greylisting daemon
- SpamAssassin: Open Source Perl Anti-Spam
- MIMEDefang: Powerfull SMTP toolit
- Clam Antivirus: Open Source antivirus
- Amavis: Open Source scanner dispatcher
- OpenLDAP: Database for main configuration and user management
- SQLite library: zeroconf sql database engine with high perfomances.
- Cyrus-imap: powerfull MDA System
- Procmail: MDA Filter
- Fetchmail: Email retreival
- DnsMasq:DNS forwarder and DHCP server
- Mailman:Mailing List manager
- Sieve: End-user mail filters
- Yorel script: Statistics of yorel
- QueueGraph: Statistics for postfix
- MailGraph: Statistics for postfix
- AWSTats and geoip plugin: Statistics set for postfix
- renattach: attachments filter
- NTP: Network Time Protocol
- pure-ftpd : FTP server using LDAP.
- Squid : The main proxy server.
- DansGuardian : URL filtering...
- Kaspersky For SQUID : antivirus ICAP designed for squid
- Samba : File server
- Bind : DNS Server

Main features:

  • Key benefits:
  • Protects the entire email infrastructure, from gateway to workgroup
  • Blocks spam, phishing with Kaspersky Anti-spam module.
  • Blocks malware, viruses with Kaspersky Anti-Virus module.
  • Includes powerful reporting capabilities for a better email system
  • Global Administrator:
  • Features of the Artica Global Administrator :
  • Ability to create sub-groups and privileges.
  • Full features of Postfix settings.
  • Global settings of daemons (Kaspersky, Postfix) and the system.
  • Full settings of sub-groups.
  • Organization Administrator:
  • SMTP Domain management, and SMTP routing table management.
  • Users management (includes mailbox and privileges)
  • Black list features.
  • Can create rules to deny attachments by policies (exe,com,bat,shs....) with re-attach module.
  • Can create rules to deny eMails when sender email address doesn't correspond to the real From address.
  • Can create rules to deny eMails where there is no MX of the sender domain.
  • Includes powerful reporting capabilities for a better email system
  • End-user Management:
  • Black and white list management interface : users can create their own white and black lists on the system.
  • Quarantine management interface : users can delete mail and release mails
  • Email retrieval management interface (fetchmail module): Users can receive mails from others
  • Account management interface: Users can modify account and password.
  • Sieve rules management interface: Users have ability to create Sieve rules if Cyrus server is installed.
  • Procmail rules management interface: Users have ability to create procmail rules if is installed.
  • Includes powerful reporting capabilities for a better email system.

last updated on:
February 23rd, 2012, 9:35 GMT
license type:
BSD License 
developed by:
The Artica Project
ROOT \ Linux Distributions
Artica For Zarafa Appliance
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