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Ark Linux is a Linux distribution designed especially for desktop use.





Ark Linux is a Linux distribution designed especially for desktop use, primarily for people without prior Linux experience. Ark Linux's main goal is ease of use, and the inclusion of many tools end users will need.

Ark Linux is fully Open Source and Free Software, meaning, basically, you can freely redistribute it in both modified and unmodified form.

What's New in This Release:

The Ark Linux team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Ark Linux 2008.1, a new version of its easy-to-use, easy-to-learn operating system.

Contrary to our original plan for this release, we have decided to make one more release based on KDE 3.x, to provide a stable state-of-art system that fixes all known problems with earlier versions before the big move to KDE 4.x.

Major changes from the last release include updates to KDE 3.5.9, kernel, glibc 2.8 and wine 1.0-rc1, building everything with gcc 4.3 for improved performance, greatly extended hardware support, and the addition of gnash, a free player for Flash animations.

As a next step, we will put KDE 4.1 prerelease packages into the tree, and build a new alpha version when it works. Given most of our developers have been using KDE4 internally for a while, we expect to release this alpha version very quickly.
Last updated on May 15th, 2008
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