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Amacdys is a single floppy operating system for playing mp3 CDs.




Amacdys is a single floppy operating system for playing mp3 CDs. It can also be used as a bootable mp3 player, that fits into single floppy.

It is designed to be on floppy or El-torrito image of cdrom.

Amacdys uses linux kernel, but can be burned on cd or written on floppy REGARDLES OF operating system used in the writing process.

Or booted regardles of the OS (if any) installed in the player machine.

The idea is the create bootable MP3 cdrom that should work without any software installed in the host machine. It should also Configure HW automatically and start playing.

Currently this is an Alpha release so you should know what you are playing with. ( No it does not pose threat to the contents of your hd, it just may not work at all with your computer. It does not mount anything writable, so it is safe.)

I have made the source of newest version available,(0.22) it is probably not be easy to compile. Source is available only about amacdys core and disk builder and diffs to mp3blaster.

I am currently using chroot to debian 1.3.1 to compile some of the libc5 binaries in libc6 based linux ( Redhat 6.2 ). Merely typing make won't get many things(if anything) compiled.

What's New in This Release:

1. Manual config for images
2. Boot problems related t syslinux 1.50 fixed(provided that syslinux 1.52 fixed them.)

Manual configuration supported for the 1.44 and 1.72 versions. Udf is taken away from 1.44 and 1.72 images to make room. I have added kiss to 1.44 version, since there was extra space, and i did not want to compile kernel with more scsi supports. I'll do that in the near future...

Now again fully LIBC5. Sndconfig and mp3Blaster are linked together, but it only saved 2 kilos of memory. sndconfig is now pretty standard, execpt midi module loading and midi tests are now disabled.

I have fixed sndconfig to get the --quiet flags working, and the same sndconfig contains manual and automatic modes.
Last updated on July 2nd, 2008

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