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ASork Live Music Studio is a live cd with Debian GNU/Linux made of Morphix.





ASork Live Music Studio is a live cd with Debian GNU/Linux made of Morphix. ASork Live Music Studio is usefull for recording music either as a complete sofware studio or as a part in a more complex setup.

Here are some key features of "ASork Live Music Studio":

hard disk recorder
midi composition tools
drum loop programs
other real time effect processing tools

It can boot and run directly from CD-ROM or be installed to hard disk with morphixinstaller. This means that the Linux audio architecture such as jack and alsa is pre-configured and easy to install.

Root privileges

There is no default root password set on the CD therefore is sudo used for super user privileges. Execute these commands in a terminal:

sudo sh


Start a terminal and get root privileges, as described above. Execute the command for starting the installer:


Keyboard configuration in X

If you want to set your x-windows-system to use another keyboard layout execute "setxkbmap < Keyboad language abrevation >". To set X to use swedish keyboard execute:

setxkbmap se


Some audio applications does not communicate directly with the soundcard. In that case is most commonly Jack is used as an interface witch enables multiply applications to output sound simultaneously. You need to manually start jack before starting applications such as ardour and jack-rack. Start jack grapical control:


Start jack in a terminal:

jackd -d alsa

There is an shortcut in the menu named "Jack Control", this is a graphical interface for the jack server. You might need to configure jack from this program in order to make it run well on your system.

NVIDIA video card

If you have NVIDA card boot Sork with the boot option xmodule set to nvidia. From the grub boot menu select More Boot Options->NV driver.

VESA cards is handled in the same way; select More Boot Options->VESA driver in the grub boot loader.
Last updated on October 6th, 2006
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