ALT Linux TDE 20140912

An Open Source and free ALT Linux flavor that uses the Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE)
ALT Linux TDE - The default desktop environment of the ALT Linux TDE distribution
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ALT Linux TDE is an open source distribution of Linux built around the the Trinity desktop environment and based on the Mandrake operating system. It is designed to be used on computers with old hardware components.

Distributed as 32-bit and 64-bit Live CDs

It is distributed as two Live CD ISO-hybrid images, one for each of the supported hardware platforms (32-bit and 64-bit), designed to be deployed on either USB flash drives or blank CD discs.

If deployed on a USB thumb drive, ALT Linux provides users with a fully accessible persistent mode, which allows users to save their live sessions each time they’re using the boot medium. The persistent session can be activated from the boot menu, which can also be used to start an existing operating system or run a memory test.

Features the Trinity desktop environment and many KDE apps

TDE (Trinity Desktop Environment) is a fork of the old-school KDE3 desktop environment, and is comes with a neat collection of open source applications for common tasks, such as Konqueror, Akregator, Amarok, Kaffeine, OpenSCADA, KView, as well as numerous educational apps and games.

The Mozilla Firefox web browser is also included, as well as the Krusader and Midnight Commander twin-panel file managers. Users will be able to install, update and remove packages with the Synaptic Package Manager tool.

About ALT Linux

ALT Linux is known for being one of the most controversial and independent Linux-based operating systems, distributed into numerous flavors. Each ALT Linux edition comes with an open source desktop environment.

Among some of the most downloaded ALT Linux editions, we can mention the KDE, Server, School Server, SysV-TDE, School Teacher, School Master, and School Junior. This edition is also popular, especially among old-school KDE users.

Bottom line

All in all, the ALT Linux TDE operating system is perfect for nostalgics who miss the old KDE 3 desktop environment, as well as for low-end PCs and laptops.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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ALT Linux Team
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What's New in This Release:
  • Linux 3.14.18 / 3.16.1 / 3.4.96
  • Built using mkimage-profiles 1.1.45 / 1.0.4 (vm)
  • Installers will actually get udev-rule-generator-net onto the system
  • Live CDs tend to use Mozilla Fira/Adobe Source Pro fonts instead of DejaVu
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Application description

ALT Linux TDE is an open source Linux operating system based on Mandrake and built on top of the Trinity desktop envir...

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