ALT Linux KDesktop7.0.5

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This free edition of the ALT Linux distribution uses the KDE SC desktop environment

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ALT Linux KDesktop is a totally free and open source GNU/Linux distribution that uses the powerful and eye-candy KDE Plasma and Applications project as its main and only graphical desktop environment.

Distributed as installable/live DVDs

The KDesktop flavor of ALT Linux is distributed as two installable DVD ISO images or 4 GB in size each, supporting both 32-bit (i586) and 64-bit (x86_64) hardware platforms. A Live CD mode, as well as a Rescue Mode are also available on the DVDs, which can be written to either USB thumb drive of at least 8GB capacity or single-layer DVD discs.

Special boot menu

The boot menu of the ALT Linux KDesktop operating system is special in many ways, as it allows the user to choose between installing the operating system on his/her personal computer with normal or safe settings, start the live environment and use the OS directly from the bootable medium (DVD or USB), as well as to enter a rescue mode for repairing broken OSes.

In addition, it is possible to boot an existing operating system from the first disk drive detected by the BIOS, run a memory diagnostic test, change the default language and video mode, select a different installation source, and pass extra parameters to the kernel.

KDE looks really beautiful in ALT Linux KDesktop

It is no surprise, but the KDE desktop environment looks really beautiful in the ALT Linux KDesktop operating system. It comprises of a single taskbar located on the bottom edge of the screen, giving users a familiar and traditional feel.

Comes pre-loaded with a wide range of open-source apps

As expected from a distribution of Linux that is distributed as DVD ISO images of over 4 GB in size, it comes pre-loaded with a wide range of open-source applications, especially KDE-related programs.

ALT Linux KDesktop was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on May 28th, 2015
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