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AFROS Live CD is a bootable CD with a small collection of GNU/Linux software, ARAnyM and the AFROS.




AFROS Live CD is a bootable CD with a small collection of GNU/Linux software, ARAnyM and the AFROS. AFROS Live CD boots and runs completely from CD, does not write anything to the harddrive and so is safe to try out. It is meant as a demo version of ARAnyM/AFROS. It is not the dreamed Installation CD of ARAnyM yet (although it could be modified to work so).

The underlying Linux kernel and related software provide the CD autoboot, automatic hardware detection, and support for many graphics cards, sound cards, SCSI and USB devices and other peripherals. ARAnyM plus AFROS provide our familiar and favourite TOS/FreeMiNT/GEM operating environment. It's all integrated seamlessly and after PowerOn boots straight to the Teradesk (GEM desktop).

AFROS Live CD is distributed in the form of a CD ISO image which is the usual way of distributing CDs electronically. The ISO image file can be burnt on a CD-R/RW and so you'll get an exact copy of the AFROS Live CD I created on my machine.

AFROS Live CD configuration:

fVDI resolution and/or color depth change: open up the C:FVDI.SYS (double click it and select Edit), locate the "01r aranym.sys mode 800x600x16@72" line, comment it out and uncomment one of the other prepared lines (or just make up your own). Then reboot the AFROS.

The ARAnyM Config GUI is unfinished yet so changes to ARAnyM config must be done outside of ARAnyM in the .aranym/config file. When you quit ARAnyM you should be able to edit the file with one of the supplied GNU/Linux editors (in the future this shouldn't be necessary as I am working on the Config GUI as you read this).

DSL site (AFROS Live CD is based on the DSL) might give you some hints about preserving the changes you've made to the AFROS disk image or ARAnyM configuration (you might also want to read File Restoration -> HowTo in the X11 desktop). Note that this is untested by me and might be dangerous. Try it on your own risk only.
Last updated on December 29th, 2005

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