ipw2200-ap 0.3

ipw2200-ap is an open source 802.11 b/g access point driver pack for the ipw2200 and ipw2915 (Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG).
ipw2200-ap is an open source 802.11 b/g access point driver pack for the ipw2200 and ipw2915 (Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG Access Point).

Here are some key features of "ipw2200 ap":

BSS mode (Infrastructure, Managed)
IBSS mode (Ad-Hoc)
802.1x EAP via wpa_supplicant and xsupplicant
Wireless Extension support
Full B and G rate support (2200 and 2915)
Full A rate support (2915 only)
Transmit power control
S state support (ACPI suspend/resume)

The following features are currently enabled, but not officially

long/short preamble support

The distinction between officially supported and enabled is a reflection on the amount of validation and interoperability testing that has been performed on a given feature.

Command Line Parameters

Like many modules used in the Linux kernel, the ipw2200 driver allows certain configuration options to be provided as module parameters. The most common way to specify a module parameter is via the command line.

The general form is:

% modprobe ipw2200 parameter=value

Where the supported parameter are:

Set to 0 to disable the auto scan-and-associate functionality of the driver. If disabled, the driver will not attempt to scan for and associate to a network until it has been configured with one or more properties for the target network, for example configuring the network SSID. Default is 1 (auto-associate)

Example: % modprobe ipw2200 associate=0

Set to 0 to disable the auto creation of an Ad-Hoc network matching the channel and network name parameters provided. Default is 1.

channel number for association. The normal method for setting the channel would be to use the standard wireless tools
(i.e. `iwconfig eth1 channel 10`), but it is useful sometimes to set this while debugging. Channel 0 means 'ANY'

If using a debug build, this is used to control the amount of debug info is logged. See the 'dval' and 'load' script for more info on how to use this (the dval and load scripts are provided as part of the ipw2200 development snapshot releases available from the SourceForge project at http://ipw2200.sf.net)

Can be used to turn on experimental LED code.
0 = Off, 1 = On. Default is 0.

Can be used to set the default mode of the adapter.
0 = Managed, 1 = Ad-Hoc

What's New in This Release:

Support Kernel 2.6
Support Snapgear 3.3.0
Better stability
Better statistic reports

last updated on:
October 10th, 2007, 17:36 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Zhu Yi
ROOT \ System \ Operating Systems \ Kernels
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