Alphagate Systems Kernel Patchset 2.6-AS23

Alphagate Systems Kernel Patchset is a patch collection for the Linux kernel.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.9/5 21
Alphagate Systems
ROOT \ System \ Operating Systems \ Kernels
Alphagate Systems Kernel Patchset provides new technologies and features, standard enhancements, as well as trivial-but-necessary fixes, that have not yet made it into the mainline (vanilla) Kernel.

So on one side, you get the next-gen code, while retaining stability is of concern. We choose SUSE Kernels because it is another stage of quality assurance that things do work reasonably.

2.6-AS22 is based on 2.6.15, which is quite a jump from 2.6.13. Certain things are missing because they are not available yet, such as TPROXY support. Because of this, AS21 and AS22 were released at the same time.


· Netfilter: IMQ, ROUTE, SYSRQ, TARPIT, XOR, connlimit, layer7, nth, random, u32, rICMP
· ttyrpld 2.10 rpldev
· CDFS 2.6.12
· BalaBit TPROXY 2.0.2 for 2.6.13
· SquashFS 2.2, +xmagic, +scan4it extensions
· UnionFS 20051130
· QuadDSP 1.2 - 4-channel audio output tools
· MultiAdmin 1.0.3
· THKD for Toshiba harddisks
· cdemu 0.7
· NDISwrapper 1.7
· RaLink RT2X00 drivers
· snd-pcsp audio driver and pcspkr emergency sound upon Oops, Panic or BUG
· Partition display upon rootfs mismount
· Boot time improvement by nosynchro RTC
· Visual plus: AS CKO, PureVGA, BSDUnderline, Con Loglevel, pipesize stat
· various /proc hardeners
· various small fixes (incl. UTF-8 console compose and userspace greediness fix)
· mouse button swap
· Staircase 13.2 provided (but not activated by default)

What's New in This Release:

· Unionfs, tproxy, sonypi, sony_acpi, the staircase scheduler, full preemption, and some other minor parts were updated.

Last updated on January 18th, 2006

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