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The world's most popular free operating system is now available for smartphones!

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Ubuntu Touch is an open source and freely distributed Linux operating system that aims to fit the world’s most popular and amazing distribution, Ubuntu, on a smartphone device. It comes with a great collection of applications, a unique user interface, as well as a powerful set of features.

Dubbed Ubuntu Phone OS

Also known as Ubuntu Phone OS or Ubuntu for Smartphones or Ubuntu for Phones, Ubuntu Touch is a Linux-powered operating system derived from the superbly and unique Unity user interface of the Ubuntu distribution.

Based on the latest Ubuntu OS

Initially designed as a fork of the Android operating system, using the same drivers as Android and including all-native core apps, Ubuntu Touch now runs on its own, based on the the latest Ubuntu OS.

Supports a wide range of smartphones

The Ubuntu Phone OS supports a wide range of entry-level smartphones, bringing a better experience to mobile customers all over the world. At the moment, the 32-bit (i386), ARMhf (ARM Hard Float) Flo, Grouper, Mako and Manta, as well as Armel Manta, Flo, Mako and Grouper are supported. For a complete list of supported devices see the project’s website.

Distributed as IMG images and tar archives

The Ubuntu Touch operating system is currently distributed as binary images in the IMG file format, which can be flashed on your smartphone device, comprised of three main components: boot, recovery and system. In addition, a tar archive is available for those who want to modify its source code. For detailed installation instructions, please visit the project’s homepage (see link below).

About Ubuntu

Ubuntu is an open source and free Linux kernel-based operating system derived from the amazing and powerful Debian GNU/Linux distribution. Ubuntu is developed and distributed free of charge by Canonical. The latest Ubuntu release can be downloaded from Softpedia!

Ubuntu Touch was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on February 7th, 2015
Ubuntu Touch - The Ubuntu Touch operating system for smartphones!

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