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Se7en Sins is an Android OS based on HTC Sense UI.

Developer comments

After cooking and making mwakiousROM® based on MIUI and making MwakiousFlyingROM® (MFR®) HC for HTC Flyer and mwakiousSENSETIONALrom® I have decided to create a second sense based ROM. YOU ASKED FOR IT, I MADE IT!

I wanted to create one version that has (almost) everything, stable(every day use), quick(no blocks and glitches) and nice.That's why a searched and added all the good ingredients that I could find .. ALWAYS Fresh Stuff ! .. That's My Cooking !!

I went to the store(xda), I bought meat(a good base for the build), I bought sauce (the kernel,thanks to all kernel devs), and I have selected vegetables (files from every ROM/Build that I found). I put everything in a pot (kitchen) and there it is .....mwakiousRUNNINGrom® .
This ROM is based on the great work of the top chef dungphp and other great cooks!
Last updated on February 8th, 2012
Se7en SinsSe7en SinsSe7en Sins

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An Android OS based on HTC Sense UI


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