Moto-Mytouch 4G

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An Android OS based on Kernel hastarin r8.5.3




Moto-Mytouch 4G is an Android OS based on Kernel hastarin r8.5.3.

Developer comments

What's NOT working?
- Wifi calling (I removed it for now, it was taking up a HUGE amount of memory)
- You tell me?

What is working?
- 5mp camera with flash & face detection now works
- Mostly everything (Please let me know if you find something that isn't so we can work to get it fixed)
- Most of the new T-Mobile apps should work now (Most require Wifi)

Fixes & tips
- If you have any data issues and are on T-Mobile, go into "Wireless & networks" and choose the other APN that is in the list.
- To get 7 home screens instead of the 5 that comes stock, go into settings>>personalize and change "Home screen pages".

Things to know!!!!
- You might (possibly) notice things lagging a bit, and if you find something that is causing any of it please let me know. Thanks!
- If you find something wrong or find something that will benefit the ROM please let me know too. If people want to do this I will add a list at the bottom with who fixed what (that's only fair)
Last updated on January 25th, 2012
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