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Phc is a program to validate free proxies for LAN users.




Phc is a program to validate free proxies for LAN users to reach the Internet by bypassing ISP proxies with strict limits. proxy hunter customed can be customized to change headers in test requests sent to free proxies, such as User_Agent.

You can also customize it with your own checksite, checksite port, or checksite key, switch between the CONNECT and GET method, etc., to test and filter free proxies.

It can be used to validate free socks5 proxies with a connect command or free HTTP proxies with a GET or CONNECT method. It can validate free proxies with a TCP tunnel.

The tunnel can be a free HTTP proxy, a free socks5 proxy, an HTTP proxy with basic authentication, or a socks5 proxy with username/password authentication.

What's New in This Release:

Support for socks4 proxy(connect).
Full command line options.
The configuration file can also be appointed by command line options.
Output file and input file with full path can be set by the user.
Last updated on July 12th, 2006
proxy hunter customed

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