proSilla 1.2-1

ProSilla is a program which speeds up file transfers over ssh (scp-like) .

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Andrzej Szombierski
ROOT \ System \ Networking
ProSilla is a program which speeds up file transfers over ssh (scp-like) by opening multiple connections (just like typical download accelerators like prozilla). By default it uses a ncurses user interface, but WITH version 1.2 it also has a nice gtk GUI.
The simplest way to use prosilla in text mode is:

prosilla my/beloved/file

In this case, proSilla will default to 4 simulatenous connections and ncurses user interface. Number of connections may be adjusted using -k. You may include your username in the first argument, like this:

prosilla my/beloved/file

ProSilla can be killed at any time, and when invoked again, it will automagi-cally resume transfer using the data from .psinfo file.

You can also resume a broken scp transfer:

prosilla -c my/beloved/partially.downloaded.file

Remember that -c is needed only if you didn't use proSilla on this file before.

By default, proSilla uses /bin/dd to read files on remote server. Optionally it may use a program called 'proserv'. The difference is that parts of file read with dd must begin and end on block (in our case - 1kb) boundary, so it sends some data multiple times, while reading with proserv can begin and end anywhere. Proserv is also a *little* bit more CPU friendly because it uses sendfile() (if supported) instead of read()/write().

Before the download is finished, the size of the file won't tell you much about the progress. To check transfer status you may use something like this:

prosilla -i file.psinfo

Other options are described in the usage text (just type ./prosilla to see it).

Last updated on June 24th, 2006

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