nss-ldapd 0.6.11

nss-ldapd project is a fork of the nss_ldap package by PADL Software Pty Ltd..

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What's new in nss-ldapd 0.6.11:

  • fix user name to groups mapping (a bug in buffer checking in initgroups() that was introduced in 0.6.9)
  • fix a possible buffer overflow with too many uidNumber or gidNumber attributes (thanks to David Binderman for finding this)
  • lookups for group, netgroup, passwd, protocols, rpc, services and shadow maps are now case-sensitive
  • test suite is now minimally documented
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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
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Arthur de Jong
ROOT \ System \ Networking
nss-ldapd project is a fork of the nss_ldap package by PADL Software Pty Ltd.. This fork was done to implement some structural design changes. These changes were needed because there are some issues with the original design. See the documentation section for more details.

These problems are solved by splitting the library in two parts: a daemon that connects to the LDAP server and does all the requests and a thin NSS connector that passes requests to the daemon through a socket. The nss-ldapd implementation has a number of (some theoretical) advantages:

- lighter NSS library
- simpler internal semantics
- clear separation between NSS and LDAP code (the server part could easily be implemented in another language)
- less connections to the LDAP server

The implementation is also a major code overhaul of the code having a number of simplifications and removal of old compatibility code. Compatibility will be re-added with later releases of nss-ldapd for those platforms that need it.

Last updated on July 13th, 2009

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