nPulse 0.54

nPULSE is a Web-based network monitoring package for Unix-like operating systems.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Steve Horsburgh
ROOT \ System \ Networking
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nPULSE is a Web-based network monitoring package for Unix-like operating systems. It can quickly monitor up to thousands of sites/devices at a time on multiple ports. nPULSE is written in Perl and comes with its own (SSL optional) Web server for extra security.

Instead of re-inventing existing code, nPulse uses many excellent OpenSource (GPL) products including
Nmap [required]
Perl [required]
OpenSSL [optional]
Net::SSLeay and Mail::Mailer [optional]
Java Telnet App [included]
A modified version of [included]


Linux/Unix Version 2.1 or greater
Perl Version 5.004 or later
Nmap Version 2.51 or later

What's New in This Release:

New Feature: added a large text field on the Detail page for extra notes.
New Feature: added an edit shortcut to the filter overview display.
New Feature: the server now supports over 105 host/os types.
New Feature: now uses the Perl module to increase portability
New Feature: The event log display is now in a scrolling box (IE browsers only). The height is controlled by the Settings/HTML/ELHeight parameter.
Deleted Feature: DEMO mode has been disabled.
Bug Fix: fixed a history graph bug
Bug Fix: fixed a bug on the port configuration page which caused a display problem on Netscape browsers.
Bug Fix: fixed a bug in the Time::Local check in the setup routine which caused an installation error on some machines.
Bug Fix: fixed a form submission bug on the Device Detail Pages.
Bug Fix: fixed a typo in which affected the display of the Settings Page.
Misc: Substantial rewrite and cleanup of all code except autorecheck.
Misc: Cleaned up the HTML code produced
Misc: Updated to check for and remove 0.52 history files.
Misc: Perl version 5.005 or greater is now required.

Last updated on June 29th, 2006

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