lurkftp 1.00

A tool for monitoring FTP changes
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lurkftp is a tool for monitoring FTP changes. So why another mirror program? Because I couldn't get any of the mirror programs on sunsite to do what I wanted half-way reliably & efficiently.

Developer comments

Based on bug reports by people who tried to run this on non-Linux systems, this bugger should compile on just about any POSIX-compliant system. If itdoesn't, then feel free to send me a compiler error dump or whatever. The only non-Linux system(s) I have access to for free are some Sun workstations (Solaris 2.5). I can probably look up information on AIX 4.2/3.2.5 machines and DEC Ultrix machines, too, although I can't compile on them. I guess I could also try getting it to run under AIX 2.1, but I'd rather not bother.

SOCKS support isn't something I use, so you'll have to fix it yourself if it's broken. Instead of using the big, nasty collection of -D's, I put those defines into ftp.h and modified ftp.c appropriately. You'll have to modify the Makefile to include the -lsocks and the -DSOCKS, as shown therein.

last updated on:
July 28th, 2006, 1:05 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Thomas J Moore
ROOT \ System \ Networking
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