kio_fish 1.1.2

Kio_fish is a kioslave for KDE 2/3 that lets you view and manipulate your remote files .

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Joerg Walter
ROOT \ System \ Networking
Kio_fish is a kioslave for KDE 2/3 that lets you view and manipulate your remote files using just a simple shell account and some standard unix commands on the remote machine.

Usage is really simple: open up a konqueror window (or use the Alt-F2 dialog) and type 'fish://'. kio_fish will ask you for the password, if any is needed, and you will start out in your home directory.Now you have to do everything you do on your local hard disk.

This is a complete client implementation using his original version 0.0.2 protocol, extending it with 2 commands (which are only optional - should a real FISH server exist on server side that doesn't understand them, this ioslave still works, only slower). Moreover, this client does complete shell metacharacter quoting on all arguments, a fact that is neccessary but missing from the specs. Extensions used are: append (APPEND command), copy (COPY command), lscount (LIST first prints number of files to be listed), lslinks (LIST shows symlink info instead of info about link targets), lsmime (LIST
determines the MIME type on the server side) Password and host key queries are handled via dialog boxes. The goal of this client is to make a remote directory look and feel exactly like a local directory, with all comfort, only slower.

Included below is the original posting from the mc mailing list archives. If perl is installed on the remote machine and in the default PATH, it will be used to transfer a custom server script which is much faster than shell-only mode and more predictable as well. The script is stored in a file called in the working directory di

What's New in This Release:

fixed shell mode symlink display
made perl server compatible with 5.005

Last updated on July 4th, 2006

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