jwhois 3.2.3

jwhois provides an Internet Whois client with support for Whois, Rwhois, and HTTP.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Jonas Öberg
ROOT \ System \ Networking
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jwhois provides an Internet Whois client with support for Whois, Rwhois, and HTTP.

jwhois is an Internet Whois client that contains an extensible configuration file, which defines its operation. The client supports queries to foreign hosts, either through the RFC 954 - NICNAME/WHOIS protocol, the RFC 2167 - Referral Whois 1.5 protocol, or HTTP using an external browser.

Upon execution, it searches through its configuration to find the most specific whois server to query. Depending upon the reply from that whois server, it can assume the query was successfull and display the result to the user, or optionally redirect the query to another server to find more specific information.

The configuration file is highly customizable and makes heavy use of regular expressions.

When making a query, JWHOIS looks at the @option{whois-servers} block to determine which host to send the query to. The option @option{type} can be set to change between two different kinds of matching; @option{cidr} or @option{regex}.

JWHOIS implements support for maintaining a cache of Whois data received from Whois servers. This is NOT enabled by default but has to be compiled into the client specifically. The design is such that a central database is maintained by the client and because all users should have access to that database, the program must have the set-group-on-execution bit set and the database must be both read and writable by the group.

The configuration options available are CACHEFILE and CACHEEXPIRE which sets the database filename and the expire time for cached object. When an object expires from the cache, it is reloaded from the Whois server the next time it is requested. The expire time is measured in hours.

What's New in This Release:

ˇ Updated jwhois.conf
ˇ Include host name in cache key
ˇ Various bugfixes

Last updated on February 27th, 2007

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