ips-qos 1.10.5-6

ips-qos software is a flexible firewall and traffic shaping tool.

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ips-qos software is a flexible firewall and traffic shaping tool, was designed for the computers installed with following Linux operating systems: Ubuntu, Fedora Core, CentOS, Debian, Slackware, Mandriva, PLD, SUSE.

The ips-qos package can also operate as a Virtual router under MS Windows operating system in virtual VMware machine runnig Linux. It was intended to give administrators more control over a shared internet connection.

Main functions of ips-qos package:

ips - a flexible easy-to-use configurable firewall with the ability to control access to internet (or selected services) from a LAN.
qos - a traffic shaping tool that measures and controls the traffic load for every computer (or class of computers and services) in a LAN.

Simple PC with installed ips-qos package can operate as a router controlling internet connection at firm, office or home.

Applied in place of cheap plastic routers offers unique functionality for very low price.

On the other hand, ips-qos can be an unique enhancement for servers or more complex PC-based routers.

Here are some key features of "ips qos":

individually configurable traffic shaping of up to 254 computers in LAN;
defining up to 290 classes: traffic belonging to selected group of servers, computers or services can be classified and maintained separately;
supporting most types of internet connections e.g.: ADSL, DSL, Frame Relay/ATM ( USB modems may need some additional configuration );
redirecting ports to servers in LAN ( DNAT );
enabling /disabling: IP and/or MAC addresses; blocking: ports, IP addresses;
storing information about sent/received packets;
registering traffic load of every computer / class ;
static or dynamic traffic shaping based on CBQ or HTB;
"live" traffic tracing;
reporting load and transfer - pending and past;
administering via internet browser (IE, Firefox).


minimal : PC computer with Pentium processor 64MB RAM 2GB HDD;
recommended : PC computer with Pentium II processor 128MB RAM 4GB HDD;
Linux operating system : Fedora, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Slackware, Mandriva, PLD, SUSE;
Ips-qos is based on typical packages included in all distributions with no need to compile special kernels or tools.


14 days trial

What's New in This Release:

This version offers many new features including on-line updates, router/server classes based on IMQ, bridge mode, up to 590 computers/classes, an ipp2p extension, and many more. It works with Debian 4.0 and Fedora Core 8.

Last updated on April 26th, 2008

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