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htb-gen is an easy, scalable bandwidth management tool.




htb-gen is meant to be an easy, scalable, yet powerfull, bandwidth management tool. You can set up/down portions of bandwith for each host or network, that goes trough your firewall/router.

Prioritary traffic(web, mail, gaming, ftp, voip, streaming) is preferred over Junk traffic(kazaa, emule, etc). Also dynamic bandwith borrow and re-assignation is done betwen host thanks to htb boundaries.

A web-frontend for config is avaible as well, so remote management is possible. All bash based so it can be used in embedded routers/firewalls (wired/wireless).

Two backend are aviable:

generates raw tc commands
generates htb-init conf files (util for integration)

The packet clasification is done by iptables


QoS htb kernel support
iproute2 tc
htb-init script (optional)

How does it work

The bw that you assign for each host is divided like this (this can be easy addapted if you know a litle bit of iptables):

Prio traffic

packets smallest than 100bytes (tcp ACKs, most icmp messages)
all icmp traffic (icmp messages)
all udp traffic (voip, streaming, real time gaiming, etc...)
some tcp ports (seteable in conf file, ie: http,pop3,imap,ssh...)

Default traffic (junk traffic)

all traffic that do not mach any of the above (ie:emule, torrent, kazaa, gnutella...and so on)

By thefault the host bandwidth is shared betwen this two kind of traffic, but the script grants that anytime that i use "prio traffic" it will climb up to 90%, till that 'prio traffic' ends. This % can be modified if you want, see the 'rate_dfl_percet' value in conf. Also is posible to save junk bandwith assigning only a % of host ceil to the dfl traffic, see 'ceil_dfl_percet'. This will help to have several host sharing bw without almost any complaint.

What's New in This Release:

Multiple network interfaces are supported, so you can now have multiple LANs and multiple ISPs.
Per-host P2P percent of rate assignation is supported.
tc batch mode is supported, so now both iptables and tc are batched.
For each client, you can define prio_tcp_ports, prio_udp_ports, prio_protos, and prio_helpers (netfilter helpers).
A half-coded PHP-based Web front-end was built with PEAR Quick Form.
Last updated on June 11th, 2007

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